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All Natural Ingredients: all ingredients are biodegrade without forming micro-toxins. Contains no hazardous, toxic, or polluting ingredients. Free of acids, bleach, butyls, phenols, petroleum distillates, or any hazardous chemical ingredient. Gray water safe, septic tank safe, and biodegradable without effluent treatment processes
Animal Rights: Cruelty-free; contains no animal ingredients; has not been tested on animals.

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E2 500ml

E2 – Heavy Duty Degreaser

Replace Dangerous Carcinogenic (butyl-based) Cleaners with a Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-use product with superior performance - cleans, degreases, and deodorises in one application; it actively breaks down the grease, is equally effective in hot and cold water.
Replaces corrosive, caustic, and butyl-based cleaners that can instantly burn skin or permanently damage the eyes or other body organs.

Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.

Floors 64:1 / All-Purpose Kitchen 32:1
Utensils Pots & Pans 16:1 / Hoods & Ovens 3:1


E6 500ml

E6 - Hand Dish Detergent

Soak Your Hands in it!
Very gentle to skin. The viscous and lightly scented formula forms a nice lather when used with a sponge. Long lasting suds. Rinses freely. Will not redeposit food or soil on dishes.

Super-Concentrated to Save You Money – Dilute one tablespoon per 500ml of water.


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E8 500ml

E8 – Toilet Cleaner

Pleasantly Scented, Non-Fuming, makes porcelain Sparkle!
Cleans and descales. Clinging action saves product waste. Non-fuming, mild acidic formula contains the largest amount of natural citric acids possible. Outperforms homemade vinegar cleaners and other naturally derived products.

Ready to use formula.  For the best result, use it Undiluted.


E12 500ml

E12 - Aloe Hand & Body Wash

Gentle to the Skin and Conditions. Get rid of Germ-Laden Soap Bars!
For all skin types. Gentle enough for babies and small pets. Made from a base of soothing, natural aloe vera helping to prevent dry skin. Eliminates sink rings.

Ready to use formula.  For the best result, use it Undiluted.



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E13 500ml

E13 - Window Cleaner

Non-Fuming, Non-Streak and Ammonia Free ! Perfect for computer and hand held devices screens.
Works on contact to remove oils, fingerprints, soil, water spots, etc., with minimal wiping. Cleans, degreases and de-oils glass, mirrors and plastic in one application. Leaves a monomolecular shield to resist rapid re-soiling. Free of residue forming detergents, hard to wipe vinegar and acids.  Is safe for use on metal, glass, chrome, car windscreens, vinyl, plastic/plexiglass, stainless steel, tiles, computer & hand held devices screens, gym equipment, and other surfaces not harmed by water.
Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.
Streak-free glass cleaning 32:1
Heavily soiled glass cleaning 16:1



E14 500ml

E14 - pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner

citrus degreaser for almost any light to heavy-duty cleaning task!
Cleans, degreases and deodorises in one application. It can be a tremendous spray and wipe cleaner, as well as a floor mopping solution on marble, terrazzo, or surfaces that are protected with a wax.

Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.
Mopping, power washing 64:1
General all-purpose spray & wipe cleaning 16:1
Mild degreasing 8:1



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E38 500ml

E38 - Bathroom Cleaner

Naturally derived yet industrial-strength bathroom cleaner!
Rapidly cleans and removes soap scum, lime scale deposits, body oils, hard water stains from shower walls, doors, sinks, ceramic tile, fiberglass, vinyl, porcelain and stainless steel. It deodorises as it cleans. It is classified as a "mild" skin and eye irritant.
Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.
Daily maintenance 16:1
Use undiluted for shock cleaning (monthly) and/or extremely heavy build-up.



E40 500ml

E40 - Odour & Stain Eliminator

3-in-one. Consume the Problem, Don't Mask It!
Guaranteed to rapidly eliminate odours, stains and perform as a tremendous carpet extraction formula. Consumes the organics that cause darkness and soiling commonly found on carpeting and upholstery. The formula is safe for all fabrics, including satins, wools etc.
Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.
Everyday deodoriser 3:1
Carpet extractor or carpet shampoo machine 7:1
Use undiluted as carpet spotter and stain removal.



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E80 500ml

E80 - Floor Cleaner & Grout Restorer

Cleans & Restores tiles and grout using our proprietary microbial bioenzymatic patented formula!
Specially formulated for kitchen floor cleaning, using a unique super-concentrated formula and restores tiles and grout, reducing slippage by removing embedded grease, as well as controlling odours.  Patented bioenzymatic strain incorporate a proprietary microbial formula that provides technologically advanced cleaning by penetrating porous floor surfaces to break down and eliminate grease, grime, and other organic deposits that accumulate over time.

Super-Concentrated to Save You Money.
Regular Floor Cleaning Maintenance 64:1
Restoring Tiles & Grout 32:1





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Green Seal™ is a world-wide environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

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