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The Rationale Behind Our Innovative Labelling System


Providing an environmentally preferable cleaning product is not just about what we put in the bottle. It is also about the bottles themselves, and doing our best to reduce the amount of packaging we use.

One of the most significant ways to do this is to provide our product in highly concentrated formulations, and/or in bulk. As you may have noticed, 500ml of our E13 Window Cleaner Concentrate, for example, makes more than 16 litres of ready-to-use spray on wipe off glass and mirror cleaner.

Not only does this save you 15 trips to the shops, but by refilling an existing spray bottle, you have removed 32 500ml spray bottles from the waste collection cycle.
All our 500ml products are supplied in readily recyclable PET bottles, and we no longer attach our labels with adhesives.



Our products come with two labels:


  • a polypropelene strip that is easily removed prior to recycling, but tight enough around the neck of the bottle to stay on, even when the screw cap is off;
  • a silicone identificaton band.



The silicone band is a tough, flexible bracelet for the bottles you decant product into.

They have been carefully sized to fit a wide variety of bottles so that you will always know what is in any bottle you have in use.

Each product has its own particular colour so that they are easy to identify at a distance and the band itself can be used over and over again. These bands are dishwasher safe and will have a long life. They are not readily recyclable, so if you end up with more than you need, you can use the postage paid address details supplied on the strip label to send them back to us for REuse.

The polypropelene strip label is a long lasting label designed to stay useful despite repeated handling in wet areas.


The reverse of each label contains essential information on the product in the bottle. When you are ready to REcycle the bottle, remove the label and use the postage paid address to return it to us for REuse:

Reply Paid 84430



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