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Hazardous Chemicals

These are some of the most common hazardous chemicals that can be replaced:

Chemical Product Hazards
Chlorine / Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach, disinfectants, all purpose, bathroom & tile cleaners, scour powders, swimming pools Toxic mutagen, fuming, corrosive, kills microscopic & aquatic life & damages skin & respiratory tract.
Ammonia Glass Cleaner, disinfectants, sanitizers, floor polish, rug cleaners Corrosive, fuming, caustic poison that causes eye & skin burns.
Petroleum Distillates Many Janitorial cleaning products: Floor, carpet, all purpose, oven & hood cleaners. Not biodegradable, usually contains other hydrocarbons which can cause leukemia & cancer. Flammable, skin, eye & respiratory tract irritants with high VOC’s.
Butyl Ether / Butoxy Ethanol
Ethylene Glycol
Many cleaning products; glass, window, all purpose & carpet May cause damage to central nervous system, respiratory, kidney & liver.
Sodium Hydroxide Oven Cleaner Caustic, corrosive that may cause severe burns, blindness & vapors cause respiratory & eye irritation.
Hydrochloric & Phosphoric Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner Corrosive, can cause sever burns or blindness upon contact.
Methylene Chloride Disinfectant, all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, septic tank cleaner, laundry starch preparations, rug/upholstery cleaners Central nervous system depressant, probable human carcinogen.
Aerosols Gas used to propel chemicals Chloroflouorocarbons, which deplete ozone layer.
Perchloroethylene Graffiti remover, carpet spotter, metal cleaner, degreaser, dry cleaning solvent, furniture polish, household hard surface cleaners, laundry starch product, oven cleaner. Central nervous system depressant, liver & kidney toxicant, suspected carcinogen, smothers aquatic life, toxic to sewage treatment bacteria.
Pine Oil Floor polish, cleaners, disinfectants Central Nervous System depressant, kidney toxicity, irritant.
Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Disinfectant, sanitizer Flammable, corrosive, irritant, can cause damage to central nervous system, harmful to aquatic life.

* None of HealtheClean products contain any of the above listed chemicals.

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